Three Dunlins

Three Dunlins

Monday, 10 April 2017

A few birds in the south of Navarra

The past week (060417) a made a quick trip to the south of my province. Its a normally dry region but there are a few water places interesting enough to atrackt birds in the migration period.

The visit lasted less than one hour due to the heavy wind that was blowing that afternoon.

I saw  three of them. If the season is wet enough it breeds there.

Nice to see the upper mandible working so precise as here.

A few times I have seen the snipe so confident than this one.

The Stilts are the other birds tha breed here if there are good conditions in spring.

One of the Little ringed plovers in the shore of the biggest mudland.

I saw four Lapwings resting in their migration journey.

A solitary Redshank was feeding inside the water.

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