Three Dunlins

Three Dunlins

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Poor numbers in the reservoir.

Good afternoon:

Today,14/05/17, I made my second visit to zolina and I soon detected a few waders in th tiny West island (with no water becomes a Peninsula...).

I headed to the shore to observe the group from  a better distance and I counted seven Ringed plovers and a solitary Dunlin.

The prenuptial season is fading and poor numbers till the moment at the area, as an example :

  • Zero Avocets
  • Zero Knots
  • Zero Turnstones
  • Zero Spotted redshank
  • Zero Kentish plover
  • Zero Curlews
  • Zero Bar tailed godwit
  • Zero Curlew sandpiper
  • One litte stint!!

I hope things change a little in the forthcoming days .......will see!

Small group cleanning their feathers.

I saw also a Little ringed plover and a Redshank .

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